WeWoThom® Premium

WeWoThom® Premium

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World's smallest and most effective instrument for treble frequency therapy. With only 15 grams the helper is very useful.
Made in Germany, 2-year warranty
Medical device, tested by TÜV Rheinland
Supplied complete for immediate start of treatment. Previously note enclosed Safety Instructions!

The device is well suited for self-treatment for pain and its cause.

Back Pain
Joint Pain
Monthly Pain of Women
Pain after Sports Injuries
Dimensions similar to a 2-Euro Coin

Associated adhesive electrodes are easily replaceable when equipment will be used by other people.

simplest operation
integrated micro-computer
easily replaceable coin cell (battery runtime about 500 hours)
discrete automatic operation under clothing
relatively fast and lasting control of pain and their causes
without drug side effect


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Pads-Pair 4.5x4.5cm Pads-Pair 4.5x4.5cm
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Pads 7,5x13cm Pads 7,5x13cm
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