AgilFlow® Basic

AgilFlow® Basic

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AgilFlow® to improve blood flow through low-LASER therapy

With AgilFlow®, you use the low-LASER therapy to quickly and reliably improve your blood flow properties. This effectively prevents heart attacks, stroke, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, or prevents their repeated entry.

The application is self-treatment without external help. With AgilFlow® you do not need to change your daily routine as the wristwatch-like device does not need any special attention and is to be worn almost anywhere and at any time. The use of AgilFlow® is completely safe and free from risks to unintended side effects or secondary diseases.
AgilFlow® Basic is the basic version for blood treatment using Low-LASER therapy. The medical device ThinkM® is easy to use for everyone. The application is recommended twice a day for 30 minutes each. ThinkM is a class IIa medical device tested by TÜV Rheinland.

Better blood flow properties without risks or unwanted medication side effects!
The following parameters are positively influenced:

  • blood pressure
  • Viscosity (flow properties)
  • blood lipids
  • cholesterol

Clinical studies have shown that the blood viscosity improves rapidly and after just a few minutes the AgilFlow® Basic improves.

The treatment is aimed at reducing the viscosity of the blood. Only with improved flow characteristics and without blood thinning, do enough oxygen and nutrients reach the cells in the human body. Inform yourself that almost every disease is associated with an oxygen deficiency of the cells.

After only a few minutes of application of AgilFlow® Basic, significant improvements in the blood count are achieved (easily detectable by dark field microscopy). Watch a convincing video.
There are no medication side effects or dangers if the patient adheres to the instructions.

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